Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Visit Home

A walk through Golden Gate Park with Jenny.
Hamon Observation Tower at De Young Museum.
Three Gems, a skyspace by James Turrell.
Painted Ladies from Alamo Square.

Day 1 Outfit:
Father's Daughter Jacket, Mallory Ringer Tee, Allison Jeans

Walking the streets of Chinatown.
Reading at Song Tea & Ceramics.

Day 2 Outfit:
Thrifted Tee, Linen Pants made by me, Nisolo Mariella Mule in Black

Taking in the cityscape.
Awaiting breakfast at Plow.
A peek into the greenhouse at the General Store.
A foggy beach day.
Impromptu photoshoot with Connie in the Mission District.
A solo dance in the light.

Day 3 Outfit:
Vintage Blouse, First Rite Pleated Skirt in Clay via Belvele, Zou Xou Belu Pump in Sand

I had the most amazing time sharing some of my favorite places with Jenny and Cat. In three days, we traveled all over San Francisco. We experienced both the typical foggy, windy weather and also the rare, scorching heat. We met up with friends from Instagram and immediately connected. We took over 1,000 photos combined. We waited in line for some of the best food. But most importantly, we bonded over our experiences in San Francisco before we separate onto our individual paths to achieve our life goals in a different state, and even another country. I hope you enjoyed this beautiful photo journal which contains many of my fondest memories. 


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Zou Xou

Dress made by me, Zou Xou Belu Pump in Sand Suede

MY STORY: I know this is long overdue, but I'm so excited to be finally sharing the dress I made for my final project in my first pattern making class! There were a few requirements for my final which included a collar, an opening in the front, and sleeves. After researching and drafting a few sketches, I came up with this dress. The style of this dress is very me. I have come to terms that my style in two words is probably 'grandma chic' and that is what this dress is. There is a grandma vibe from the retro convertible collar, not-too-low v-neck, and length of the dress, yet a touch of chic from the high side slits.

Not only is the style very me, but the pattern of the dress is made to my dimensions, which is similar to custom made clothing. I haven't sewn on an industrial machine prior to this dress but I learned different techniques from making this dress. I am so happy about how this dress came out but I also see room for improvement in the construction. I struggled with this fabric since I made many mistakes, had to rip the seams, and sew it again. Due to this process, the fabric edges frayed making it more difficult to sew. I managed to just get by to finish the dress. I am glad to have gained all the experience I did in making this dress and look forward to improving and creating more beautiful pieces! 

ZOU XOU'S STORY: Katherine Theobalds is the founder of quality made and minimal shoe brand, Zou Xou. Katherine initially wanted to become a clothing designer, but she traveled to Buenos Aires and was inspired by the local Argentinian shoe designs to launch her own line in 2015. She is based in New York City but often travels between there and Argentina, where her shoes are handcrafted using age old techniques and premium leathers. They are responsibly produced in small batches and made to last. When I tried on the Belu Pumps, they were really comfortable and easy to walk in. I love that the style is effortless yet refined to fits with my style of 'grandma chic.' 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Vintage Top, First Rite Pleated Skirt in Clay via Belvele, Slides made with Rachel See Snail Shoes

MY STORY: Life can get pretty stressful. But it will all resolve with time. This recently happened to me when I was assigned to complete an entire garment from start to finish in less than a week in addition to taking on more responsibilities at work. I'm still working through changes at work but I finished my final project yesterday and couldn't be happier with how the garment turned out. After going through the process of draping, making the first paper pattern, cutting and sewing a prototype, changing the fit on the garment and pattern, to cutting and sewing the final product, I am amazed by how much I learned and how much I was able to do in such a small timeframe. The final product ended up fitting me perfectly and it feels so rewarding!

Here's what I learned, am still learning, and constantly need to remind myself: Often times during hardships, I wonder why this is all happening. There are so many emotions, feelings, stressors, etc. In the long run when I look back at these situations, these periods of time that I hated in that moment was actually a blessing in disguise. I can see that these experiences have stretched me to grow and learn so much more than I would have if I stayed comfortable. Through all the struggles, I am impressed by how I can surpass even the most difficult of situations. Not to say I did this alone because I didn't. It was all within God's plan. He placed wonderful, amazing, and supportive friends in my life. After going through all of this, I feel a sense of peace and pure joy.

BELVELE'S STORY: Monica Rojas is the founder of Belvele, an online platform that offers clothing from small businesses that align with her motto of keeping design, craftsmanship, and sustainability in mind. Monica developed her passion for sustainable fashion when the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed in 2013. Seeing that there weren't many offerings of sustainable, minimalist clothing, she decided to use her background in retail management, visual merchandising, and buying to start Belvele. Monica picks investment pieces that aren't about trends but instead wearable years after purchasing them. I love that each item listed on Belvele has a description of the fit, material, and what makes the garment sustainable. The photos of the garments are also taken on friends of Belvele in the streets of San Francisco so you can see what they'd look like on you rather than a model. As you know, I love learning the stories behind brands. Belvele has a page of the brands they offer with each of their stories. I was able to learn about brands I already knew and discover new brands and their stories!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


MY STORY: Last week I took a break from social media. I had received information that was unexpected and I won't go into it because it isn't mine to share. What I learned from it though, is that being vulnerable to others can be extremely difficult. I've always struggled with opening up to people and trusting them. Over time, I met people that just accepted me for who I am, and that was what did it. I started opening up to them because I knew they would love me and be there for me regardless of what I shared with them. I am so grateful for these people in my life because I feel that I really bloomed because of them. I honestly never understood when people told me to surround myself with the right people, but having met them, I get it now. Go and surround yourself with people who encourage you, endure hardships with you, and most importantly love you unconditionally.

SOMI'S STORY: Alysia Vallas began Somi, an intimates line, to create easy basics while raising funds for women's empowerment groups. Somi was the name of her goldfish who was often next to her when she worked and that's where the name of her line came from, her business partner. Alysia's pieces are made with high quality fabrics and produced in small batches in the Bay Area. Somi donates an average of 10% of net sales to Harpswell Foundation, a group that provides housing, english tutors, and professional guidance to women in Cambodia. Additionally, because of the amount of colors and styles Somi offers, Alysia donates samples to local women's shelters in San Francisco and the current total is 335 bras and 514 bottoms. I love that Somi is not only made ethically, but they also support women empowerment!

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