Wednesday, August 9, 2017


MY STORY: Last week I took a break from social media. I had received information that was unexpected and I won't go into it because it isn't mine to share. What I learned from it though, is that being vulnerable to others can be extremely difficult. I've always struggled with opening up to people and trusting them. Over time, I met people that just accepted me for who I am, and that was what did it. I started opening up to them because I knew they would love me and be there for me regardless of what I shared with them. I am so grateful for these people in my life because I feel that I really bloomed because of them. I honestly never understood when people told me to surround myself with the right people, but having met them, I get it now. Go and surround yourself with people who encourage you, endure hardships with you, and most importantly love you unconditionally.

SOMI'S STORY: Alysia Vallas began Somi, an intimates line, to create easy basics while raising funds for women's empowerment groups. Somi was the name of her goldfish who was often next to her when she worked and that's where the name of her line came from, her business partner. Alysia's pieces are made with high quality fabrics and produced in small batches in the Bay Area. Somi donates an average of 10% of net sales to Harpswell Foundation, a group that provides housing, english tutors, and professional guidance to women in Cambodia. Additionally, because of the amount of colors and styles Somi offers, Alysia donates samples to local women's shelters in San Francisco and the current total is 335 bras and 514 bottoms. I love that Somi is not only made ethically, but they also support women empowerment!

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