Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Monki Top, Pants made by me, Soludos Shoes

Everything is constantly changing, including 'Mirage' due to its reflective surfaces inside and out. Throughout my life I have seen this happen whether it is with people or places. When I was younger, I felt resistance to these changes especially when they seemed, in my eyes, to be for the worse. Something like drifting away from a friend who negatively influenced me, but I still wanted that friendship. I resisted the change by continuously trying to contact my friend even though in the times we hung out, I could feel there was no longer that bond we had previously formed. In the long run, I see that there was reason for that separation. I had grown as a person immensely and being a Christian, I feel that God had this in His plan from the start. With all changes now, I feel that I have learned to adapt, which sounds simple but in reality takes time. But the point is to learn to adapt and not hang on to the past. 

Until next time,

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Circle of Land and Sky

Monki Top, Pants made by me, Soludos Shoes

Hi, I am Sarina. I wanted to start off this blog with my visit to Palm Springs' Desert X. Desert X is a city wide exhibit throughout Palm Springs which requires a bit of driving to see each exhibit. My first stop was to Phillip K. Smith's exhibit 'Circle of Land and Sky.' Having seen numerous photos of this exhibit all over Instagram, I'd have to admit I was impressed and glad that I visited. Being in the circle, I felt that there were many different perspectives through the mirrors. It was interesting to see the reflection of the sky and land within the mirrors and even more so collectively. During my trip to Palm Springs, I visited a few of the other exhibits which I will show in my next posts. 

I also wanted to note why I restarted blogging. I want to share in this blog how I strive to be an advocate of ethical and sustainable fashion. I want to share how I go about practicing slow fashion and not being tempted by fast fashion purchases. I'm also trying to live more minimally with fewer pieces in my closet. 

So here's to a slow and minimal lifestyle,

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