Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Monki Top, Pants made by me, Soludos Shoes

Everything is constantly changing, including 'Mirage' due to its reflective surfaces inside and out. Throughout my life I have seen this happen whether it is with people or places. When I was younger, I felt resistance to these changes especially when they seemed, in my eyes, to be for the worse. Something like drifting away from a friend who negatively influenced me, but I still wanted that friendship. I resisted the change by continuously trying to contact my friend even though in the times we hung out, I could feel there was no longer that bond we had previously formed. In the long run, I see that there was reason for that separation. I had grown as a person immensely and being a Christian, I feel that God had this in His plan from the start. With all changes now, I feel that I have learned to adapt, which sounds simple but in reality takes time. But the point is to learn to adapt and not hang on to the past. 

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