Wednesday, May 31, 2017

3rd Season

3rd Season Tilda Jumpsuit

MY STORY: This past weekend I spent an afternoon bathing in light in the Tilda Jumpsuit from 3rd Season that isn't even out on their site yet! It is made of a beautiful linen that feels so nice on the skin.

3RD SEAON'S STORY: 3rd Season is a line of women's wear created by Alycia and Mabel. They source deadstock fabric and make their clothes in Los Angeles. It's always great to support a women team especially when their goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the fast fashion industry and construct quality garments made to last.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Father's Daughter Mallory Tee and Patti Pants (similar here), C.A.B. Star Fanny Pack

MY STORY: My family came to visit me recently solely with the intention to just hang out with each other. Because of that, we didn't have much planned so we decided to wait in line for Howlin' Ray's since I've been there before and it's as amazing as people say it is. We arrived when it was opening and the line was already long, ending towards the other side of the plaza. We waited in line and by the two and a half hour mark, we made it to cash register and ordered. About half and hour after we ordered, our number was called and they had added their crinkle-cut fries to our order due to the additional half hour wait. My family had never had Howlin' Ray's before and they had to admit it was pretty good. I was just happy to have Howlin' Ray's again since the line takes forever and it's hard to find people willing to wait with you. 

FATHER'S DAUGHTER'S STORY: On this day, I went around Chinatown fully clad in Father's Daughter. As some of you may know, I am an intern at Father's Daughter. I love everything about the brand so here's their story from an intern's perspective. The brand is run by Jim Kim and Su Kim who are father and daughter, hence the name. Jim is the pattern maker, Su is the designer, and Su's mom is actually the one who sews the pieces together in their studio in Downtown LA. I love their story and vision of creating this brand not only to create beautiful garments but also to keep manufactures in the surrounding LA area alive. The manufactures they work with for services they don't have in their studio pay the workers a living wage and humane working conditions with allotted break times. From interning for close to two months, I have learned so much not only about the fashion industry but also about myself. I will share more about personal growth at a later time!

Until then,

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Beverly Canon Gardens

Father's Daughter Julie Dress, Slides made with Rachel Sees Snails Shoes, C.A.B. Mini Lisa Circle Bag

MY STORY: Beverly Canon Gardens is by far my favorite space in Los Angeles. It is absolutely beautiful. If you follow me on Instagram stories, you'd know I'm there often. The space is open and contains a mix of locals and visitors due to the hotel, Montage Beverly Hills, bordering the garden. Often times when I visit, I like to walk along the garden, sit by the fountain to read a book, or snack on a pastry from Bouchon Bakery. 

C.A.B.'S STORY: On this visit, I took my Father's Daughter chambray dress and C.A.B. circle bag out for a spin. This dress is flattering because of the smocking on the chest and the flowy skirt on the bottom. It is light and perfect for spring or summer. Not only is the shape of the circle bag so cute, I love the subtle shade of purple it's in! The brand C.A.B. is designed by Carly and made in a small studio in Los Angeles. I love learning and supporting brands that are striving to make a mark in creating ethical goods so much that I will be sharing another bag of hers in my next post!

Until then,

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Spread Love

Kids of Immigrants Spread Love Tee, Father's Daughter Patti Pants (similar here), Slides made with Rachel Sees Snails Shoes

MY STORY: When Kids of Immigrants first came out with this shirt, I immediately purchased it at 9PM when it was released. A few weeks later, I received my package in the mail and was overjoyed when I put my shirt on. The day after, I received another package from Kids of Immigrants that looked just like the one I received the day before. I had received two of the same shirts! I was slightly confused due to the deja vu moment but decided that the next day I should return the package to the address on the label. Upon arriving to the address, I couldn't find suite with the number I had put in my Google Maps. I was running out of time since I decided to go before work. 

KOI'S STORY: I thought about it and decided to direct message Kids of Immigrants on Instagram about receiving two shirts. I was sent a response thanking me for my honesty and in fact they would come to my work place to pick up the shirt! After a bit of coordination, Daniel, one of the founders of Kids of Immigrants, showed up at the office door. I returned the extra shirt and invited him into the office. My boss Su and I showed him around the Father's Daughter office and ended up talking for about an hour about fashion, giving back to our communities, and starting from the ground up. It was an inspiring story of how they began their brand and their mission to continue creating, empowering, and spreading love.

Until then,

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cacti Garden

Monki Top, Pants made by me, Soludos Shoes

This cacti garden was an entrance to one of the Desert X exhibits, which was unfortunately closed. Growing up in San Francisco, I rarely ever saw cacti due to the frigid weather. Upon moving to Los Angeles, I feel so happy to be able to see cacti everywhere. I absolutely love the vibe it gives! Naturally, I was drawn to this cacti garden and had to take photos here. 

I love an all black silhouette because it looks chic, put together, and effortless. For my day trip to Palm Springs, I decided to pair this Monki tank top with a pair of linen pants I sewed about a month ago. I know Monki is a fast fashion company, but I purchased this about two years ago and love it to bits. Two years ago was also a time before I knew about how harmful fast fashion companies are. I honestly don't even think I was aware of what fast fashion was. Fast forward to today, I don't even step foot into fast fashion stores, but I do keep the pieces from prior purchases that I love dearly. I feel that by doing so, I am not being wasteful. I don't want this post to be too long so I will speak more about my pants in a later post.

Until then,

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