Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Father's Daughter Mallory Tee and Patti Pants (similar here), C.A.B. Star Fanny Pack

MY STORY: My family came to visit me recently solely with the intention to just hang out with each other. Because of that, we didn't have much planned so we decided to wait in line for Howlin' Ray's since I've been there before and it's as amazing as people say it is. We arrived when it was opening and the line was already long, ending towards the other side of the plaza. We waited in line and by the two and a half hour mark, we made it to cash register and ordered. About half and hour after we ordered, our number was called and they had added their crinkle-cut fries to our order due to the additional half hour wait. My family had never had Howlin' Ray's before and they had to admit it was pretty good. I was just happy to have Howlin' Ray's again since the line takes forever and it's hard to find people willing to wait with you. 

FATHER'S DAUGHTER'S STORY: On this day, I went around Chinatown fully clad in Father's Daughter. As some of you may know, I am an intern at Father's Daughter. I love everything about the brand so here's their story from an intern's perspective. The brand is run by Jim Kim and Su Kim who are father and daughter, hence the name. Jim is the pattern maker, Su is the designer, and Su's mom is actually the one who sews the pieces together in their studio in Downtown LA. I love their story and vision of creating this brand not only to create beautiful garments but also to keep manufactures in the surrounding LA area alive. The manufactures they work with for services they don't have in their studio pay the workers a living wage and humane working conditions with allotted break times. From interning for close to two months, I have learned so much not only about the fashion industry but also about myself. I will share more about personal growth at a later time!

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