Wednesday, July 26, 2017


MY STORY: As some of you may know, this year I transitioned from working in the medical field to the fashion industry. Having Asian parents, they have always wanted me to have a job that is stable and that can provide a good income. It's been a journey these past months for me to strive for what I truly want to do in life, which I came to realize was fashion. It's been around 4 months since I left working at a hospital and started interning at Father's Daughter. My parents kept wanting me to move home and find another job in the medical field until yesterday. I video chatted with my parents and something changed. I'm not exactly sure what, but I got the approval to go to a 2 year fashion design program in LA! I am still in disbelief but I'm also so excited for the path ahead of me!

CURATOR'S STORY: Stacy Rodgers and Deirdre Nagayama are two best friends who started Curator, a women's clothing line, in 2001. Noticing a gap in their closets, they decided to create clothing to fill that hole. Since they design and produce all their pieces in San Francisco, which requires climbing on cutting tables and carrying bolts over their shoulders, they created garments that work with their every day activities. Over the past decade, Stacy and Deirdre built strong relationships with vendors who help them produce quality garments and minimize waste. As for fabrics, they strive to use organic ones whenever possible, such as the organic cotton used in the pantsuit I'm wearing in the photos above. In 2009, they opened a retail store in San Francisco, where you can find one of them designing their next line, assisting customers, and enjoying the company of the dogs in the neighborhood.

Photography by Cat Han (2,3,4) & Cesar Moran (1)

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