Wednesday, July 19, 2017


MY STORY: When I was growing up, my mom always promoted my sisters and me to be our most natural self. She never wore makeup and always encouraged us to not to because we were already beautiful. Because of this, I feel confident in my bare face and don't feel the need to hide anything. This is not to say I didn't have my phases of insecurity. I did and I put a good amount of makeup on but I've come to realize that for me, the people I surrounded myself with really affected this. I learned to let go of those relationships and now I'm surrounded by a group of loving people that accept me for me. Today, my makeup routine really only consists of sunscreen, brows, and a touch of concealer under my eyes. I do have acne scars on my face but I don't feel the need to cover it because it's a part of me and who I am.

Taking this and applying it to my body, I feel confident in sharing that I do have blemishes, scars, and stretch marks. In the same way as my face, I embrace that they are all a part of me and therefore don't photoshop any of them out. I want to reveal to you only my true self on this platform and hope to encourage you to embrace yourself with all that you are to the world.

E.A.SEAWEAR'S STORY: Eva Swoboda and Anna Berger, a costume designer and communication designer respectively, founded E.A.Seawear, a line of crochet bikinis. The idea was sparked by Anna's mother who came upon an issue of "Brigette," a German woman's magazine, which had instructions on how to crochet a bikini. Her mom crocheted it and to this day it is still in good condition. Because of this incident, Eva and Anna were curious whether cotton crochet bikinis from the sixties could be modernized and if it was possible to find people to crochet today. 

To begin their search, they posted ads in search of people who enjoyed crocheting and formed a group of 20 enthusiastic senior ladies. Many of them were expert crocheters and often crafted socks or mitts for their relatives. Eva, Anna, and the group of ladies met weekly to develop a cut, pattern, and manufacturing instructions. In order to find yarn suitable for swimwear, Eva and Anna searched all over Germany and came across the Institute of Textile Technology in Denkendorf who helped develop their yarn. Today the bikinis are knitted in small mills in Gütersloh, Germany and in Gorzów, Poland. To make it more personal between the customer and crafter, a tag with a photo of the lady who crocheted the bikini along with her name, is attached to the bikini.


  1. Love this! I admire your confidence. I hated the fact that my mom feels so insecure without makeup that she cannot go to the grocery store without wearing lipstick. I understand where that insecurity comes from, but it makes me grateful to see people like you who know you don't have to wear makeup to be your authentic self. :)

    On the other side.. I don't know how to use makeup at all! But it's okay, I will learn what I like slowly over time. I'm glad you and I can be comfortable bare skinned.

    1. Thanks Nicole! I feel that everyone is on their own journey of loving and accepting themselves so I understand that some people can feel more comfortable wearing makeup or not. I love that you're comfortable not wearing makeup though! You'll figure out you like or not with trial and error :)


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