Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Behavior LA

Vintage Top, French Connection Wide Leg Denim, Behavior LA Nona Heels in Marigold

MY STORY: This past Fourth of July was different compared to all the others I've experienced. I spent the day with my boyfriend and his friends barbecuing. I surprisingly have never been to a barbecue on Fourth of July before. In past years, I would usually just hang out during the day and watch the fireworks at night. The gathering we had was pretty low key and chill which I really enjoyed. The day consisted of several trips to different grocery stores, preparing food, barbecuing, and a lot of eating. At the end of the night, we spontaneously decided to go watch the fireworks on a hill where we ended up seeing around 10 different locations setting off fireworks. After that, we went back and had apple pie with ice cream and set off sparklers. It was nice to just spend the day with friends cooking and eating delicious food. 

BEHAVIOR LA'S STORY: Jennifer Kim is the shoe designer of Behavior LA which she started after almost 10 years of designing corporate sportswear and collection apparel. She wanted an outlet to express her personal aesthetic and has always had an affinity for footwear, which is why she decided to launch her brand earlier this year. Jennifer is inspired by architecture and minimal design and is hoping to evolve the heel to make it more interesting. The Nona Heels shown in the photos above have triangular shaped heels which gives it a different look and makes it very comfortable. As for sustainability, the heels are handmade by artisans in Los Angeles. Also, Jennifer desires to create a product that is appreciated for a long time regardless of trend, age, or background. I love this motto in a brand because I usually keep pieces I purchase for a long time.

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