Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Zou Xou

Dress made by me, Zou Xou Belu Pump in Sand Suede

MY STORY: I know this is long overdue, but I'm so excited to be finally sharing the dress I made for my final project in my first pattern making class! There were a few requirements for my final which included a collar, an opening in the front, and sleeves. After researching and drafting a few sketches, I came up with this dress. The style of this dress is very me. I have come to terms that my style in two words is probably 'grandma chic' and that is what this dress is. There is a grandma vibe from the retro convertible collar, not-too-low v-neck, and length of the dress, yet a touch of chic from the high side slits.

Not only is the style very me, but the pattern of the dress is made to my dimensions, which is similar to custom made clothing. I haven't sewn on an industrial machine prior to this dress but I learned different techniques from making this dress. I am so happy about how this dress came out but I also see room for improvement in the construction. I struggled with this fabric since I made many mistakes, had to rip the seams, and sew it again. Due to this process, the fabric edges frayed making it more difficult to sew. I managed to just get by to finish the dress. I am glad to have gained all the experience I did in making this dress and look forward to improving and creating more beautiful pieces! 

ZOU XOU'S STORY: Katherine Theobalds is the founder of quality made and minimal shoe brand, Zou Xou. Katherine initially wanted to become a clothing designer, but she traveled to Buenos Aires and was inspired by the local Argentinian shoe designs to launch her own line in 2015. She is based in New York City but often travels between there and Argentina, where her shoes are handcrafted using age old techniques and premium leathers. They are responsibly produced in small batches and made to last. When I tried on the Belu Pumps, they were really comfortable and easy to walk in. I love that the style is effortless yet refined to fits with my style of 'grandma chic.' 

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