Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ovna Ovich

Ovna Ovich Odin Blazer and Tuda Trouser in Light Linen

MY STORY: It feels so odd to no longer be waking up at 6AM to head to school every morning. I finished my first semester of fashion design school last week and I'm already onto something new this week. For a while, I've been thinking about taking on an additional job. I asked around and decided I should start looking online. I ended up applying to a few but didn't hear back from many of them.

One night, I was hanging out with my friend Tiffany and she mentioned that she was recently promoted. She was looking for someone to work on the same team as her and I offered to do it. A week later, with no resume or interview, I had landed myself a job. I was in disbelief that this was possible since I had only known the formal process of submitting an application and resume followed by an interview. This story gets even crazier because I had initially mentioned this company was hiring to Tiffany and that's how she ended up working there. On top of that, I had been looking online for the exact position she offered me and it's at an ethical fashion company! I feel extremely blessed to not only have a new job but also to be working on the same team as Tiffany. After the first day, we both agreed that we are so excited to spice things up in 2018!

OVNA OVICH'S STORY: Marina Davis founded Ovna Ovich, a women's clothing line dedicated to making environmentally and socially aware pieces. In Russian, ovna means feminine and ovich masculine which really describes the elegant and effortless clothing Marina offers. In her collections, there is a balance of energies: realist - dream, feminine - masculine, and shadow - light. Her pieces are made with beautiful fabric and construction and feels amazing against the skin.


  1. Oh so good! Seriously the best feeling and I can't wait to see what you will be up to next.

    1. Thanks Jazmine! Hope all is well with you and wishing you a Merry Christmas :)


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