Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Buki Akomolafe

Kids of Immigrants Support Your Friends Tee, Buki Akomolafe Waffle Pants, The Palatines Inergia Chealsea Boot

MY STORY: For me, the holidays are usually a time to relax and enjoy with family. This time around was honestly pretty stressful. It's difficult for me to be in a constantly changing environment. Since I'm off school until next year, my schedule has been different every week and the change has really gotten to me. On top of that, my work schedule changed and my mom came to visit. I just feel overwhelmed with everything that is happening in such a short amount of time. With that, my winter session class will start next week along with both my jobs. I am hoping that with a more constant schedule, I will be able to gracefully juggle everything with the help of the Lord. Even with all these changes happening, I am grateful to have a community in LA with people I can do life with through the ups and downs.

BUKI AKOMOLAFE'S STORY: Buki Akomolafe founded her contemporary, androgynous feel, high-end women's clothing line in 2016. Her designs and vision have a refined balance between clean European classical tailoring and traditional craftsmanship of West Africa from her German and Nigerian heritage. Buki now lives in Berlin but she grew up in Africa with her father who manages an agricultural project in Nigeria. Having been exposed to this at a young age, Buki learned to appreciate the conscious use of resources. Buki only uses high quality eco-organic fabrics such as certified cotton, organic hemp-silk, and African waxprints.

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