Wednesday, October 18, 2017

White Rabbit

White Rabbit Minetta Unline Balconette and Jane Bikini in Blush

MY STORY: This past week I was reminded of how important having a community is. Since moving to LA was my first time moving out, there was a huge learning curve on how to build community or in other words, a group people who I could rely on and just do life with. So how did I end up finding these people?

To start off, I met my now boyfriend a few months before moving to LA and I would hang out with him and his friends. This honestly made my transition a lot easier since I was the biggest introvert then and didn't know anyone else. But to continue, I knew I had to find some gals to hang out with because I was lost in half the conversations the boys were having.

The first six months were brutal since I was always tired from work and just didn't know where to look for a community. I didn't get along with my co-workers well enough to hang out with them outside of work. When I transitioned to working at Father's Daughter, that's when I had a better grasp of what a community was like. I hung out with my boss Su and her friends, while also meeting people on Instagram. Since I am an introvert still, it is difficult to initiate and meet with people on Instagram. Somehow I ended up meeting Jenny and we started to hang out almost weekly. She then introduced me to a few of her friends and that's when it started. We all hung out and did life together.

It is very characteristic of me to create friends over time instead of on one encounter. This is how going to school and joining life group at my church came into play. At my school, the age range is wide and the people that I encountered were all studying fashion, which made it easier for me to relate to my classmates and make friends. In life group, we were all in different stages of life, but we all recognized God working in our lives. We shared our ups and downs with each other and supported and prayed for those who needed it. For me, finding a community required going out of my comfort zone, discovering my passions in life, and knowing that God will bless me with the people in my life when the time is right.

WHITE RABBIT'S STORY: Mariana and Cristian are the founders of White Rabbit, an ethically made and sustainably sourced intimates line for everyday wear. Mariana started White Rabbit when she couldn't find a comfortable and ethically made underwear option. White Rabbit offers pieces that are made in a family-owned manufacturer in Mexico City that only employs women, offers good working conditions including paid time off and social security, and pays fair wages. Not only do they ensure fair working conditions, White Rabbit donates a percentage of every sale to Fabric Social, a group that works to empower female artisans in rural communities.

As for the fabrics, they use rayon made from bamboo because it is softer and more durable and breathable than cotton. Bamboo also grows fast and requires less water compared to many other plants, making it a more sustainable source of fiber. White Rabbit also works with an eco-friendly knitter that is Oeke-Tex certified, which means that the fabrics are free from harmful chemicals and are safe for human use. The knitter also meets manufacturing practices including safety, quality, and environmental standards for products. The pieces from White Rabbit are great because they are incredibly comfortable with a perfect balance of fabric weight and stretch!

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