Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Not Perfect Linen

Thrifted Tee, Not Perfect Linen Loose Linen Jumpsuit, Adelante Cordoba Sandal in Caramel

MY STORY: This past weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing my friends that I met at various stages in my life gather together. I feel that it's beautiful when people I love connect with each other and get along well. It was definitely fun seeing all the different personalities at the table.

NOT PERFECT LINEN'S STORY: Not Perfect Linen is a family run business started by Simona Rimkiene in Lithuania creating high quality handmade linen goods. Simona designs the pieces, her mother along with a few tailors make the items, her father is in charge of logistics, and her sister is responsible for the customer service. Often times they will have family gatherings to discuss any issues, decisions, or improvements. As a family, they agree that decisions aren't made based on financial factors but on customer satisfaction.

Linen is their fabric of choice because it is natural and eco-friendly. Lithuanian linen is also known to be one of the best in the world. They love that linen is not perfect in that it gets wrinkled and has uneven textures because it looks beautiful the way it is in its natural form. Their linen is sourced from local manufacturers as a support to small, local crafters.

In producing their products, they pay attention to each item being made and double check the quality before it is shipped out. After trying to sell at retailers, they found out that it wasn't their method of choice to reach their customers. They were pressed for time and weren't able to produce at the quality they wanted. Instead, they decided to stay a small, independent business to continue practicing slow living, quality work, freedom of making choices, and the pleasure of interacting with their customers directly. They also give part of their profit to charity because they feel that it is important to make the world a peaceful place and ready for future generations. The linen fabric of this jumpsuit is incredibly soft and I love that you can pick from many colors for each of the styles they offer.


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