Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Georgette Crimson

Georgette Crimson Kiki Wrap Dress in Pacific Blue, Vintage Box Purse, Zou Xou Belu Pump in Sand Suede

MY STORY: This past week I started my clothing construction and history of costume classes. In my clothing construction class, we are learning the basics of sewing and transitioning to making miniature clothing. Taking pattern making and draping classes during the summer session was really helpful since I became acquainted to using the industrial sewing machine then. As for my history of costume class, I've never been a big fan of history classes in general, making it a bit more difficult for me to be interested in the topic. I do feel that I will learn to like this class because it is fashion focused and offers information that I can draw on in the long run.

Starting classes was a tough transition from waking up whenever I wanted to back home in San Francisco for a week, to getting to class by 7am. I am also working after my classes everyday so I do feel a lot busier now. In all of this, I feel grateful for this opportunity to learn what I am passionate about and also be blessed with a flexible job that works with my school schedule and most importantly, that I enjoy.

GEORGETTE CRIMSON'S STORY: Tina Reith is the founder of Georgette Crimson which offers feminine, playful apparel and accessories. Tina's pieces are timeless and have a West Coast feel to it. How the name Georgette Crimson came about is broken into two parts. Georgette is a name Tina has always loved, while also being a fun and lightweight fabric. Crimson comes from a rock band named King Crimson and the word is also a symbol for love. Georgette Crimson's apparel is made sustainably with both new, environmentally friendly materials and luxury repurposed fabrics. Their handbags are made with the finest quality leather in order for each piece to beautify with age. Everything from Georgette Crimson is crafted by local artisans in Los Angeles, where Tina is based. I love the color and feminine touch of the ruffle sleeves on the Kiki dress. The best part is that it has deep pockets too!

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