Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Adelante Shoe Co.

Vintage top and linen pants, Adelante Shoe Co. The Cordoba Sandal in Caramel

MY STORY: For a while I felt that there was a lull in my life. I didn't feel like I was growing to become who I wanted to be. I was learning but I didn't feel like I was learning enough to get where I wanted to. With the start of the school year and also working, my life feels drastically busy and the lull has been lifted. It's interesting how often times I want what I don't have. This time, I'm trying to take in all the opportunities that are happening and enjoy this time of growth and learning. I feel that this busy time is challenging me to become that person I want to be with the experience and skills I want to gain.

A few of these opportunities include going to Coterie in New York, collaborating to create patterns with a brand, and also the chance to work with many sustainable and ethical brands. In the past week, I found out I was going to New York this Friday. The other time I visited, it was a few years back and only for a day so I really didn't get to explore too much. This time I will be working 3 out of the 5 days I am there. I am really excited to explore on my time off and also experience a trade show for my first time! As for the collaborations, I will keep you updated in my future posts!

ADELANTE SHOE CO.'S STORY: Peter Sacco founded Adelante Shoe Co., which offers 100% quality leather handcrafted shoes with modern classic silhouettes. They use stacked leather for the base of their shoes, which is the most expensive and quality type to use. The shoes are made by Latin American craftsmen and women in their homes or their shops in Guatemala. They are paid for themselves and their families to live comfortably, which is well above the minimum and fair trade wage. Adelante Shoe Co. is transparent with how much their shoes actually cost with a break down of how much money goes to each operation of the business diagrammed on their website. What I love most about Adelante Shoe Co. is that the shoes are made to order and they offer free customizations with color variations and heel heights. For my pair of sandals, I chose a caramel color and added 1/4" to the heel to give a bit more height. They also have the most comfortable footbed for a sandal which is why I've been wearing them every day since I received them!

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