Wednesday, June 21, 2017


A.P.C. Ruffle Linen Top,  Intentionally Blank Temple Loafer, Behno Lunchbox Crossbody

MY STORY: My last night in San Francisco was spent having a home cooked dinner with my family at my grandmother's house. I haven't visited the Bay Area in almost 6 months so it was nice to see everyone and have Chinese dishes that I grew up eating.

BEHNO'S STORY: Behno was started by Shivam Punjya who visited India to research women's health only to see the poor conditions garment factory workers, of which 90% are women, were put through. He wanted to make a change and partnered with a nonprofit in India to create a new style of garment factory called 'MSA Ethos' in Gujarat. This new kind of factory changes the meaning of garments "made in India" and also improves the way garment workers are treated. They focus on 6 areas relating to garment workers including health, mobility, family planning, women's rights, worker satisfaction and benefits, and eco-consciousness. Not only are they revolutionizing garment making but their products are high-quality and luxurious while providing garment workers with safe working conditions.


  1. It's so great to see you promoting fashion alongside healthy working conditions! It's a must. :) Miss you.

    1. Thanks for your support Nicole :) Miss you too!

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