Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Gala Maar

Gala Maar Simone High Waist Two-Piece in Smoked Taupe

MY STORY: Last week I learned a very valuable lesson, one that I will be continuing to learn how to put into action as I try to understand it better. For some time I was being tested, but I failed. Failed to stand my ground and instead, I was being hit wave after wave and falling down every single time. I made myself susceptible to all the negativity I was experiencing and allowed it to take a toll on me. I felt suffocated like I was running a marathon day after day without being able to take a breath. Throughout this time I kept wondering why all of this was happening to me.

The only time I was able to stand back up was when it ended. I feel that I wasn't ready for what I was put through, but after it all ended, I gained knowledge that I can use for a lifetime. In these past weeks, I have gotten closer to people who I've been able to trust and share personal issues with. They were the ones who taught me this lesson. This lesson was that being put in a difficult situation should not affect me. I should have control of how I feel and try not to be affected in order to stand my ground. Standing my ground would be to retain who I am and not let the difficulty of a situation sway me from reaching my goals. I know that this will take time for me to learn and actually do, but I am grateful to have learned it so that I will be better prepared next time. I know this was a heavy topic but I hope this may help any of you who are also being put to the test.

GALA MAAR'S STORY: Blakely Wickstrom is the founder and designer of Gala Maar, a swimwear line which draws between styles of the east and west coast since Blakely is a California native and long-time Brooklyn resident. All of her pieces are made with environmentally sound fabrics and produced in Los Angeles, CA. The cutting of her swimwear is made to accentuate the female figure while being functional and comfortable. What I love most about my two-piece from Gala Maar is definitely the fit and timeless style! 

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